Self-healing hydroalcoholic solution, presurgical for healthcare personnel BACTERICIDE AND LEVURICIDE

Antiseptic for healthy skin of patients and for pre-surgical rubbing of technical health personnel.

Bottle of 500ml x 20 unit box

Composición: Clorhexidina 0,5%, Etanol 70%

Nº Registro: REG. AEMPS: 633-DES

Format: Caja

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  • Product registered in the AEMPS: 633-DES
  • Bactericide according to Standard UNE -EN 1500
  • Levuricide according to Standard UNE-EN 13624
  • Disinfectant due to its high concentration of alcohols and its chlorhexidine-based composition.
  • Neutral PH
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly product
  • Recommended for cutaneous asepsis in the prevention of bacteraemia

Always apply the pure product on healthy, clean and dry skin and after application, let it dry or use a sterile towel.

Preoperative surgical treatment

Apply the pure product (3 ml) by spreading it over the entire surface for 3 minutes.

Hygienic treatment

Apply the pure product (5ml) rubbing on the skin for 30 seconds.

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