Scented Disinfectant - Bactericide Fungicide and VIRUDIDE - PURE

Virucidal effective to Viruses with and without wrapping according to EN 14476 standard. Including CORONAVIRUS (virus with wrapping).


Non-chlorinated quaternay ammonium and surfactants based disinfectant cleaner characterized by their high detergent power while guaranteeing maintenance of disinfection of treated surfaces.

750ml x 15 unit box

Composición: didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 0.3%

Nº Registro: Nº Reg: DGSP: 18-20/40-09512 y HA

Format: Caja

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• Disinfectant cleaner specially designed for cleaning and
disinfection of all types of surfaces and pavements. Product authorized for environmental use and in the food industry by professional personnel.
Apply to: floors, walls, metal and enamelled surfaces, etc.
Other authorized uses: Use by the general public


The application of the product will be carried out in the absence of food, and all necessary measures will be taken so that the food, machinery or utensils that are manipulated on the surfaces, premises or facilities treated or exposed
previously with the mentioned product, they do not contain residues of any of its components. For this, treated or exposed surfaces that will be in contact with people should be rinsed with drinking water.
How to use contact disinfection: surfaces and equipment, by manual washing, immersion or spraying with the pure product maintaining contact times:
-Bactericidal efficacy: 5 minutes
-Fungicidal efficacy: 15 minutes

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