Insecticides, both for professional field and for domestic use. Products with a great impact, dislodging and flipping effect, as well as having an intense residual power due to its different components. These products have powerful adulticidal and / or larvicidal effects, as well as a wide spectrum of action against flying and crawling insects.


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Cucanor B 750ml

Fulminating insecticide against all types of crawling and flying insects | Pure Use | DSGP Registration No.: 17-30-01519
Insecticide for all types of crawling arthropods, especially cockroaches, and flying, especially Asian wasp, in adult and larval stage. Ready-to-use broad...

Cucanor B Insec-Plus...

Insecticide for direct use against ants and flying insects | Pure Use | DSGP Registration No.: 18-30-09256
Ready-to-use insecticide formulated in aqueous microemulsion, with great shock and persistence effect, indicated for all types of crawling insects: ants,...

Desinsan C 5L

Sprayable insecticide for flying and crawling insects | Pure Use | DGSP Registration No.: 18-30-03855 and HA
High power to dislodge and overturn, with acaricidal activity. Specially designed for treatments against Germanic Blatella. Wide spectrum of action in adult...

Desinsan C15 Plus 1L

Concentrated emulsifiable insecticide | Diluted Use | DGSP Registration Number: 20-30-10386 and HA
High eviction, turning and death effect, indicated for shock disinsection. Composition: Cypermethrin 40/60 15%, Piperonyl Butoxide 2.5% ADVANTAJES High...

Alfexon Total Plus 1L

Concentrated adulticide and larvicidal insecticide | Diluted Use | DGSP Registration No.: 20-30-10319 Y HA
Powerful adulticidal effect (Cypermethrin + BPO + Pralethrin) and larvicide (Piriproxyfen). It contains Pyriproxyfen: it acts as a growth regulator (IGR),...
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